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When brands play it as Banksy : Clever advertising diversion

Brands love Banksy or The raging opportunism

The 5th october 2018, at Sotheby’s in London, the artwork Girl with Red Ballon (2006) of Banksy self-destructs as soon as sold. A huge opportunity for the advertising brands which get back for themselves this masterpiece

This is an illusion (Inevitable ?) of a vicious circle. The artwork of Banksy which is partely cutted up by a grinder hidded in its frame during a auction should sound for us like a warning about our capitalist world. It pick up the action for itself by a parody of the canvas cutted.

A smart appropriation and funny of the picture which lead quickly to a uncomfortable smile.


Banksy, always bankable

IKEA, Interflora, Foncia, Lidl, Macdonalds, Perrier, all of these brands have not waited for a long time to ride on this fashion way.


Banksy can play and kidding about our capitalist world, this one coming back quickly stronger than before. By the amusement, he do skillfully his own place in our brains which are already slowed by our daily life style.

And social networks relay pictures, shared and approuved. Advertisement totally free.

Smart or… dishearting ? ◊

JF for Streep




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